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Product Type: HGCE-1500WSInput voltage: AC90-260VPower switch: Manual/wireless remote controlTotal p

Product Type: HGCE-1500WS

Input voltage: AC90-260V

Power switch: Manual/wireless remote control

Total power irradiation:150W

LED Color:3200k/5600k

Show index: ≥93

cooling:Natural cooling/fan cooling

Dimming: 0-100%

Product size: 355mm*300mm*275mm            

Weight: 4.9kg

Product Features : The lamp body is made of metal alumina compact design, the whole light durable, heat dissipation structure design, increase the heat dissipation area in the maximum natural cooling, can also be built in fan cooling system, LED light emitting non ultraviolet and infrared rays, no radiation, green environmental protection, does not contain harmful elements such as mercury and lead. High light efficiency, low fever, 90% of the electrical energy into visible light, with low carbon life standard